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  • Salaams Mariah

    Hope you are well. I did reply to you a while ago, I am particularly grateful to you for taking such good care of me and my husband when we were ill and also for inviting us to your home before our departure. We had a really good time and am grateful for having the opportunity to visit all the places we did visit as I know we could not have done that without your help. May Allah reward you for your efforts.


    Kamila (UK)

    [email protected]

    Nawawi tour 2005—Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia

  • Asalam Alaikum Sister Mariah,

    InshaAllah, I hope you are well. Firstly JazakAllah khair, may Allah reward for arranging the tour of China, for the group from London. The trip was very good, alhamdulillah.

    InshaAllah, during the month of ramadhan, I will be arranging a collection of zakat and sadaqa, for China, which I will send to you.

    [email protected]

    wa-salam, Nadeem

  • The china trip was out of this world. A real adventure holiday. I don't think any other tour operator would be able to take anyone to such unknown places deep into the heart of the orient.

    All I expected was to travel to HK, then for something different, to KUNMING, the capital of Yunnan (known to the chinese as the city of perpetual Spring) in South West China. But where I actually travelled which is something amazing is I went to the autonomous Tibetan region in China, as well. Now how many people can say they've been there. Then to travel from the main city, 5 hours into a secluded village outpost with their village head as our guide there. Turned out I was the first British to go there!

    In short I find it hard for anyone else to show such professionalism and integrity in keeping her clients pleased by taking them to so remote or regular places as they wish. With a great personal touch to make the holiday one to remember.

    I have become a English advertiser for Mariah Mah in England and have advised all my good friends of her service, out of fondness for her trip, and doubly for Mariah being a truly genuine person who seems to return all her profits to charity works in China. I will definitely be visiting China, and with Maria's help hope to travel somewhere special again. For those interested Mariah Mah,'s company MM HolidaysPte Ltd organises Tours in China for Muslims all over the world.

    SAFI– London,UK

  • AA Sis. Mariah,

    You are truly a wonderful human being and a pious woman–this shows in your work and efforts you do for the sake of Allah (SWT). May Allah (SWT) eternally bless you for your work (iA). As suggested, I'll try to do my best to help the needy Muslim umma throughout the world (iA). Also, Najat is doing fine and I make dua for her everyday–thanks for your concern (Alh).

    I'll be speaking with you soon (iA).


  • Bismillah

    Dear Sister Mariah,

    Asalaamalaikum. This is just a quick email to congratulate you on a fantastic tour. I have had the privilege of travelling the world but have never done so through a tour. I was a little apprehensive at first as I dislike being shepherded around and carried many preconceived ideas about "tour groups".

    However, just like to say that to my surprise the tour exceeded all my expectations. From being collected from Beijing airport and to the time was dropped back off for my flight home I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the entire operation was run. From the high standard of hotels to the food and the guides provided, there wasn't anything that I could fault. You even managed to put us with a group of really nice people, most of whom I can now call friends. What I especially liked is that you catered for everyone in the group, even those who wanted to do other things like myself, to make the experience altogether unique and personnel. I admit I'm a tricky customer…

    Beijing was an eye opener and having gone to the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace etc.., I didn't think the tour could get any better. Having had the honour of meeting Hajji Abdal Hakim, the Calligrapher. Going then to Xian and Hohhot were truly gems that I felt I was fortunate to visit. Your tour provided me with an insight into the hidden civilisation of Islam in China, something which I was completely oblivious to.

    Thankyou, and thank you again for a wonderful time. Whats more, knowing that all proceeds go to the various projects that you fund in China to keep Islam alive there, is very special and may Allah (swt) reward you for this, Inshallah. I shall not hesitate to recommend your tour to family and friends.

    Take Care.
    Ahmer Riaz

    Stoke-On-Trent, Staffs, UK

  • Salaams,

    You looked after me soooo well in China and I am very VERY grateful for that and so A little bit of stress is nothing compared to how you did look after me sooo much !! ..and you are my elder and I must respect you and sooo my lovely MAriah Inshalah we will both have nice time in Egypt…..I will book TWO tickets (one for me and one for you)

    Take care – see you soon inshalah

    [email protected]

    Huma xxxxx

  • Assalamualikkum Dear sister Mariah,

    In July of 2005 I experienced the vacation of my life. I had always dreamed of traveling to China and the experience has truly been one to remember. The accommodations were superb! Throughout our travels, we had access to excellent accommodations, Halal meals and visits to local masajid. Not only was I able to experience the historical sites in China such as the Great Wall, Kung-fu demonstration, Kunming Cultural Park, and the In Terrocotta but the Chinese Islamic Culture as well.

    MM China Holidays exposed us to famous Islamic and Chinese Calligraphers, student performances in the Islamic Schools, and we were given exceptional hospitality from the Muslims in Zhaotong (Yunnan) with an in-home dinner. As Muslims, we were given exclusive access to the Musallah in Xi'an Grand Mosque during prayer time and in every city we were greeted with excellent tour guides who were knowledgeable of the tourist and Islamic sites.

    As an educator I have been able to expose my faculty and students to traditional and Islamic Chinese culture in a way that many had never experienced. Many of my co-workers were unaware of the number of Muslims in China and marveled at the artifacts I brought from my trip including my Arabic-Chinese Qur'an and calligraphy samples.

    I will treasure the experience in China forever. The work that Mariah Mah does is truly commendable. When I witnessed the students excelling in Islamic education in very modest facilities with limited resources, I was reminded of the verses in the Qur'an that say, "On no soul does Allah place a burden greater than it can bear" (2:286) & Surah Rahman, asks, "Which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?"

    Since I have returned home I am more energized to study this religion and to help those in need no matter where they reside.

    I hope to return with my son to China next summer and God willing, I will use MM Holidays again!

    Katherine Khalilah Shamsid-Deen

    Atlanta, GA USA

  • When my husband and I first decided to fly to China, we were intending to fly off to some “exotic” place because of his employment travel benefits. We also knew that a group of Muslim Americans had traveled to China and so we intended to contact the company that had handled their trip in hopes of meeting local Chinese Muslims in Beijing.

    We thought it would be very exciting to meet Muslims in China and that is how we first met Mariah. We contacted her by email at the last minute since we weren’t sure whether we would be able to make the flights or not and she dropped everything she was handling to reply to us. In fact, she even scheduled a one-day tour of the local Beijing Muslim community for us, despite the fact that she was already handling a tour group from the United Kingdom.

    From the moment that Mariah stepped into the hotel lobby, I felt we were sisters – it is the universal beauty and bond of Islam that a girl from Knoxville, Tennessee could feel that way about a woman in China she has never even seen or spoke to and that those feelings of sisterhood would be returned.

    I can honestly say that one day deeply impacted my life. I didn’t realize that the spirit of Islam was so deeply-rooted in China nor did I realize the hardships Chinese Muslims have to face.

    We were touched to tears to see the Muslim Hui Township that was a model community to its neighbors and how they cared for the elderly whether they were Muslim or not. We were so blessed to meet the wonderfully talented and precious calligraphers Hajj AbdulHakeem and Imam Muhammad Danial and see their work. It is a great honor for us to display their works on our walls and share their talents with everyone who visits our home.

    We were so excited and surprised that in the rural areas of Beijing, it was common to find masajid established long ago, still flourishing, and the green and gold signs hanging over the local butcher shops and restaurants (signifying halal meat). In fact, Mariah was gracious enough to arrange lunch at a Muslim restaurant where we had a fabulous meal!

    My husband and I are really indebted to Mariah for her dedication and self-sacrifice. She came to us and accommodated us even though we had contacted her in less than 48 hours of arrival! She is genuine in her concern to bring light to the plight of Chinese Muslims and it is our responsibility as Muslims to spread the word and support Mariah in this wonderful cause.

    If you want an unforgettable experience that will touch your soul, I would urge you to visit the Chinese Muslims. They have carried the banner of Islam for over 1000 years with little or no acknowledgement from the outside world and it is time that we help them carry it.

    Praise to God that has created us from different peoples and languages that we may come together and learn about one another!

    Margie Abdelrazek and Noman Zaheer

    [email protected]

    Knoxville, Tennessee USA