China Muslim

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    Alhamdulilah for the opportunity to work with Ms Mah and her friends in China. Masya'Allah they are wonderful people and they were so kind to us when we were there. I have such fond memories of my time in China and although it was a short ten-day stay at the village I feel we accomplished far more then what we set out to achieve.

    Muhammad Khair, Head

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    Working with Miss Mah has indeed been a pleasure. Her experience and expertise on the Chinese Muslim community in China is 2nd to none. It was indeed a huge joy to see her work and it made our trip an overall success.

    Iylia’ Asyraf, Advisor

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    I am very happy that I went for the trip with Miss Mah to help with the construction work of Al Falah preschool. Alhamdulillah I was given the opportunity to be part of the works towards education for the children of Little Stone Bridge village.

    It was such a great experience such that I tried many new things such as laying bricks, making cement and cementing. Despite the language barrier, I managed to still communicate with the locals who were also building the school to help me with my cementing work. I was amazed at how pleasant and welcoming everyone there were. I was enlightened by the simplicity of their lives and how to appreciate all the little things. We experienced water supply cut every two days and sometimes everyday while we were there. But after a while we got used to it and relied less on the water supply. It made me feel so thankful for the constant water supply and a luxurious spread of food at home.

    The weather added to my pleasant experience as well. At night I was surrounded by a blanket of stars - and shooting stars (gasp!) - and masyaAllah, it made me realize how little I was and how almighty He is.

    Thank you for this eye-opening experience.

    Nur Faizah, Advisor

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    Learning the ropes about providing assistance in providing children with proper school facilities in China with Miss Mah was a very enriching experience. Watching her interacting with the locals really showed how a genuine person she is and will always be around to provide them with the necessities, as much as she can. Thank you Miss Mah for such an experience!

    Abdul Rahman,Vice-Head

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    The overseas expedition trip to China was a very humbling one. I was given the chance to aid in the preparation to complete Al-Falah preschool by helping paint the walls of the facility and I also had the opportunity to interact with the kids in Al-Fatah preschool for a day. Thank you to Miss Mah for providing the platform for us to interact and offer what we could to the kids in China. In the course of this trip, it really opened my eyes to the vast world out there and also how privileged I am. Miss Mah’s passion to help the kids in China even at her age is very inspiring Masya Allah. Insya Allah if there is another chance, I would love to help Miss Mah again to better the lives of the children in China.

    Nuraqida, Vice-Head

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    The overseas expedition has been nothing short of rewarding for me. Even though I went with the intention of helping others in need, but I learned so much from the villagers and was touched by how appreciative they are with what they have.

    Siti Amirah, Head of Programmes

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    It was a pleasure being able to work with Miss Mah as she gave us a platform to carry out our overseas expedition with ease. It is heartwarming and inspiring to see her carry out these projects with pure sincerity and determination. Not only is she concerned of the welfare of the people there, she also ensured that our welfare was well taken care of with proper accommodation, food and also showing us around.

    Nuruldiyanah, Programmes Officer

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    Joining OE and embarking on this journey to Guizhou, China with my peers was one of the most memorable experiences and I am glad that I made the decision to sign up for it. The experience not only taught me the importance of being a team player and communicating effectively with my peers, but it also showed me the way of life of a society that was completely foreign and new to me. It made me realise how fortunate we are to be blessed with the little things in our daily lives that we do take for granted such as a stable water supply. I am very thankful to miss mah for making our trip go smoothly by guiding us through immigration and introducing us to the people of the village.

    Fathin Nazhirah, Programmes Officer

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    It was a very fruitful experience having to undergo an expedition that is both challenging as well as unexpected. Beside ourselves, we had Ms Mah to guide us, not only in our dunia goals but also our spiritual goals. We had definitely learnt a lot during this trip but for me, personally, the golden lesson was cultivating in my own self the value of humility and self-gratitude.

    Naszry, Programmes Officer

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    The journey was a very eye opening when. It really gave me a different perspective in life. For instance, how they perform their daily prayers and their way of life. Even though it's a short trip. We manage to build a garden and also paint the classrooms and corridors that were still unpainted. Also as a Singaporean, we are blessed with clean water and proper irrigation system.

    Nizar, Programmes Officer

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    This year is my 2nd year doing Overseas CIP in China under the supervision of Miss Mariah Mah. It was great to visit back the kindergarten which we worked at 2 years ago for our OCIP. The first OCIP in China was a really meaningful and eye opening one which was also a main reason why I wanted to come back the second time round.

    As a teacher myself, I believe in the power of education and I do hope our little effort and contribution in making their school a slightly better and more conducive place for them to study in could be a good start to their brighter future, InsyaAllah. The trip itself was a life lesson - one which I probably couldn't experience in Singapore and I am glad to be given the 2nd chance to gain more learning points, knowledge and experience that I hope to apply in the near future.

    Siti Nurhamizah, Programmes Officer

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    Working with Ms Mah was a very interesting experience. It is both liberating and comforting. On one hand, Ms Mah is very much involved in our daily activities. She plans where and what we eat, whom we work with, how we live and who we interact with. Travelling and working with her feels like you always have a strong maternal figure looking out for you and looking over you. At the same time, she gives you a lot of time and space to decide for yourself what exactly you would like to do on your trip. If you would like time alone as a team without her, she respects that too. This allows us to venture, get lost, explore and grow as individuals as well as in a team. Working with Ms Mah is a good balance of the two very important aspects of travel.

    Nazreen, Head of Publicity

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    The OE trip was filled with a lot of new experiences for me, from painting the school compound to communicating with the locals in Chinese. The way the locals and children smiled and greeted us made me feel really welcomed and thankful for it is not something that we are able to experience daily here in Singapore. Being part of this trip, I was able to experience the life where personal interaction meant more than our technology.

    Siti Atikah, Publicity Officer

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to embark on an OCIP trip with Miss Mah to China.

    There were plenty of lessons to bring home from the expedition. I got the chance to meet, interact and learn from my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters from another country and a different culture. How they live their lives particularly, is admirable, as they thought me how to be happy even when they have little. I've also learnt to become more appreciative of the blessings that are showered upon us everyday. It reminded me how to always help others in need and treat them as family of our own. One of the most satisfying feelings after the trip is definitely to witness the smiles on the faces of these kids.

    Thank you Miss Mah for the opportunity!

    Saiful Irfan, Publicity Officer

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    I had mixed thoughts when I heard that we would be working with Ms Mah. For instance how can a pioneer aged woman do all these things without government support? But when the expedition started, I’m amazed at how much this woman can do. She is a strong woman and knows what she is doing which is to help the Muslim community in Mainland China. She is also very friendly and willing to help us when we were having some problems during our expedition. May Allah bless her with good health and rezeki ameen.

    Muhd Nur Irfaan, Head of Logistics

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    It was certainly an eye-opening experience, being able to put in my time an effort to change the lives of people. I certainly felt more appreciative of whatever I have in Singapore after experiencing life in China. Hopefully our efforts there have helped to improve the lives of the children, as well as laid a good foundation for a better future for the people in the village.

    Muhd Haziq, Logistics Officer

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    My two weeks experience in China were great. Overall the journey there was an eye-opener, thus a meaningful one. Language was the main concern, as it hindered the fluency to converse and communicate for most of us. Miss Mah played a significant role in overcoming such barriers and allowed a smooth day to day transmission as well as enforcing certain stuff. Beside that, Miss Mah proves to be a motherly figure to us as she raised our morale at times by cooking delicious dishes for us.

    Abdul Shariff, Logistics Officer

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    Definitely thankful to Ms Mah for giving us the opportunity to work under her and make a positive difference to the school compound at Al-Falah. She gave us a theme to work with but wasn’t a single bit demanding nor controlling and instead allowed us to run our imagination freely and accepted whatever we had in mind. That made it easier for us to work and carry out what was needed to be done. Aside from that, I appreciate how hospitable she was by ensuring that we have a comfortable dorm to sleep in and at times she cooked for us local dishes which made us feel so much at home. It was certainly a pleasure working under Ms Mah and I wouldn’t mind helping Ms Mah again in the future.

    Muhd Faruq, Head of Finance

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    It was a fulfilling and an eye-opening experience for me. Even though this is my second OCIP to china, the experience is different because we engaged in activities which are different in nature. Despite being away from home, the company made each and every single participant feel complete. I really do encourage anyone and everyone to be part of this enriching project because not only do we feel accomplished, but at the same time, we also get to learn a few skills along the way.

    Nadzirah, Finance Officer

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    Overseas expedition to Guizhou was a fulfilling one. It opened my eyes to appreciate the thing I have taken for granted. Thank you for this eye opening experience.

    Mohd Zuhri, Head of Welfare

  • Testimonial From Sanubari Shan

    Upon our arrival to China, we were greeted by Rose, our guide who went with us on a chartered bus. We stopped for a toilet break, had some snacks and continued our journey. We had dinner at a nice restaurant and I really liked the food there! We then had to break into groups to go to the village in small vans. The journey was long and treacherous but made easy with the help of Ms Mah. Had she not been our liaison officer it would have been really hard to access the good restaurants, the mosques and villages. Even though she was not there when we were in the village, she remained in contact and called us daily to check up on us and keep in contact. However, I would appreciate it if we were being told regarding the absence of kids in the kindergarten earlier, we could have planned a different itinerary to maximise our time there. I had fun nonetheless and I am very thankful for the help of Ms Mah. May Allah bless her always and reward her with Jannah in the hereafter.

    Dinie Solihah, Welfare Officer

  • Qurban Trip 10 - 18 September 2016

    I brought my mum to Zhaotong, Yunnan to join the 9 Days Qurban Tour, 10 – 18 September 2016 organised by Ms Mariah Mah.

    Every stop from the Qurban to other sightseeing places was an enriching experience for both of us.

    Following are the places we visited:

    Islamic garden and museum to see 99 title of Allah attribute in oil painting.

    Prayed at an ancient 300 years old Sufi mosque built without using a single nail. Some said Angels built this mosque.

    Visited Mao Hua Jie Madrasah for Eid prayer and followed by the 1st Qurban ritual and moved on to other areas for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Qurban locations in Guizhou province.

    Al Fatah Preschool and Masjid.

    Madrasah and Mosque in Kaiyuan city which a Singaporean helped to complete. Mingle with Da Zhuang’s muslim community and visited an ancient styled mosque of 200 years old.

    Prayed at the Grand Mosque of Shadian for Friday prayer at Shadian City.

    Charming Jiuxiang ( magnificent underground karst caves with waterfalls, limestones and cable car ride)

    Our tour group of 28 pax hailed from Singapore, Malaysia, Palembang and UK. Masha Allah! the group contributed 4 cows and 48 sheeps. Alhamdullilah!

    Ms Mah instructed her staff to pay special attention and care extended to my mum and another elderly (Melor’s mother) making sure that both elderly ride in a comfortable car instead of the mini van when we visited Al fatah preschool as the road condition (gravel stone) was rough.

    My mum and I would like to say a big thank you and Jazakallah for all your help and generosity during our trip. It’s been an amazing journey!

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Junainah Abas (Jun), Hjh. Jaimah Kasmawi, Singapore