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  • Salaam

    Sorry for the delay in replying have been busy catching up on work while i was away. firstly i would like to thank you for arranging the trip (17June-27June 2009)for my family of 4 members and making it a trip not to be forgotten from the time we arrived in Beijing and met with Helen to the time left Shanghai (Lulu) all your guides(Helen,Fatimah,Saleema,Lulu )and drivers who were all patient and understanding given the circumstances with my elderly parents.

    I would certainly recommend your tour group to other Muslim brothers in London and will ask here if any brothers are willing to contribute. I would like to know if you accept zakat.

    Once again i would like to thank you and your guides for a memorable trip and would certainly endorse/recommend this trip you have my email address and would be willing to help any time you need my help.

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    Yousuf dadi London,UK

  • Dear Mariah Mah

    Thank you for the great effort you put behind this trip( which includes the Silk Road tour (21April-1st. May2009), may Allah bless you and the people behind this trip,Ameen! It was nothing less than amazing, MashaAllah!

    Everything went smoothly from the first day to the last. I was so impressed by the professionalism behind everything.Never ever did I expect that I would meet so many strong and beautiful Muslims And every one of them touched my heart.

    The people I’ve met have changed me for the better and I will never forget a single one of them Insha’Allah. Especially the hardworking teachers from the Muslim schools and orphanages, they truly represent the true meaning of Islam.

    Working hard to help your brothers and sisters in Islam, they have inspired me to work hard for the Silaturahim organization. To make people aware of the fact that this ummah is one and even if your Muslim sister or brother lives on the other side of the earth , it is still ones responsibility to take care of them, and last but not least I want to thank the guides who were more than helpful to me and had a smile on every time.

    Love from your sister,

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    Sabrine Benmoumou Denmark, Copenhagen

  • Salam Ms Mah, thanks for the email. Hope you had a safe journey through the northern regions of China. With regards to my experience in China, I have absolutely no phrases to describe the experience- downright breathtaking and exhilarating just doesn't cut it.

    The people, the scenery, the experiences meeting them and travelling great distances to meet them, and the friends that we made a long the way, it's non-exchangeable for any large sum of money.

    Given the chance, I would relive the experience all over again. I'd definitely be back for more adventure on the off-beaten track.!

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful experience of China and it's marvelous people with Singaporeans alike.

    Do take care, and i'd transfer some donations to you soon for the China orphans and Ma Hao Jie Madrasah.

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    Aisyah Singapore

  • Salam Mariah,

    When my mother and I decided to visit China via a tour in October 2009, we were expecting to see your everyday tourist spots in a large group. However, when we took the China Muslim tour we were treated to an experience unlike any other.

    The tour catered to what we were interested in, letting us interact with the local population and allowing us to visit the places we wanted to see. It allowed us a glimpse of China through the charity perspective as we visited poor orphanages and schools that were in dire need of help.

    We were able to see the roles the Muslim NGO plays in the lives of the people and how much it helps them when there is no help elsewhere. As we travelled to Linxia,Lanzhou and Xiji, we saw and experienced Eastern hospitality and met many people who were working to make a living. At one point, we even had a harrowing experience during our drive from Lanzhou to Xi'ji, a road that was paved through the beautiful mountains, treating us to a gorgeous view from above.

    In all, the tour was amazing and we recommend it to anyone interested in seeing China. My mother and I will be sure to take the Mongolian tour and any others offered by your tour company (MM HOLIDAYS).

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    Shaza USA



    We chose to go with Mariah Mah for the third time to china (26 April-13 May 2009) and this time we decided to go on the classic ‘Silk Route’, because we have previously been on trips to China with her and we trust her tours. She tries very hard to meet our requirements and endeavours to accommodate our itinerary requests as much as possible.

    We set off on this amazing trip that one always hears about being the Silk Route. We flew to Beijing, and then to Lanzhou where we stayed one night, and the next morning, in a group of eight, we flew to Urumchi, the capital city of Xinjiang Province. Here we were met by a guide who stayed with us from day one until the end. This city is quite fascinating, has many huge buildings, hotels and wide streets, and its inhabitants are the Uighur ethnic minority. One cannot imagine that this remote part of China could be so interesting .The Uighur are Muslims, who have their own language and culture, who are very friendly.

    Xinjiang, although being a desert, has vast agriculture lands and green land and dry mountains. The streets are lined with rows of poplar trees that making it a beautiful scene.The people live a very ordinary life doing their chores outside in the open, selling and buying and mingling with the community.

    The food consist mainly of lamb kebab, soup, vegetables dumplings and rice for the rice lovers. The food is prepared in different varieties and taste…very tasty indeed. Restaurants cater for halal food almost everywhere.

    From Urumchi, we drove to Turphan where we stopped for one night visiting a very old village. We saw the ruins of the Thousands Buddhas, an old Mosque around 1,000yrs old mud built and adobe bricks called the Emin minaret. Along the road you can see the green grape vines.

    From Turphan we flew to Kashagar where we stayed for two nights. The market is vibrant and colourful. The locals sell their own produce of dry fruits, handcrafts, pashminas, carpets and many other items. We went on the Karakuram highway, a journey of about four hours through the dry mountains and some with snow peaks, rivers and lakes. Such a spectacular drive. We visited the Iddkah Mosque, Apak Hoja Mosque. Had lunch in the local restaurant sampling tasty noodles. We have no fear to travel with Mariah as she is honest, god fearing and puts her trust in Allah (swa) as one would say tawakal al allah and when something unexpected happens she will say Allah has already written for this to happen in Lauh al Mahfuz.

    Mariah also makes sure that our food is to a good standard, she travels with plenty of nicknack and sometimes medicines which she shares with peoples. We are also accommodated with Salaat facilities.

    From Urumqui the rest of the people each made their way back to other parts and then their final destination ‘home’, but we continued our journey with her to visit poor villages, Orphanage, madrassahs, Mosques and some families in their homes. This second part of our trip was mainly to see the poor Muslims and provide whatever help we could.

    We proceeded to Lanzhou capital of Gansu province. From there we visited Yuquio village and Xiji village where our hosts Brother Musa and Brother Solaha took great care of us.

    And then went on to visit the earthquake region in Sichuan Province. We drove right into the heart of the earthquake zone, visited some Muslim villages living on the mountain .From there we continued our trip to the capital city of Hohot in Inner Mongolia. Believe it or not the train journey was approximately 28 hours to our destination but Allah gave us sabr and we finally did it with a lot of encouragement from Mariah.

    We were very touched by the host’s good generosity. They spent three consecutive days taking us around, visiting mosques, old folk home, museum and attended Muslim wedding banquet.

    Those people we met were retired from work and earning a little pension or perhaps a basic wage, but they made sure we were well looked after and till the last moment at the airport to see us off safe. How warm hearted these people were, subhanallah. Sister Fatima teaches young children Islam every evening and holds a meeting in her house every Friday evening for young adults to share Islamic knowledge. I was very impressed with that. We have to learn a lesson of unity from them, this is what I call strong Imaan. May Allah swa guide them and reward them. The Muslims brothers and sisters are really… what I would call good Muslims. We would like to thank all friends and relatives who contributed towards this good deed, without your help and doa we would not have been able to do what we did. I would really recommend a trip to China.


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    Syed asif Quadri & Malik Taj Quadri 2nd May 2011

  • I had an interesting and memorable experience on my recent trip to China's Xinjiang and Gansu provinces (3 July -10 July 2009).

    I had long dreamt of going to Xinjiang because of its history, formerly Muslim East Turkestan and also a silk route. But I had more than I expected, its natural wonders which was a bonus to the trip. Xinjiang has almost all the natural wonders in the world–enchanting mountain lakes and glaciers, mountain ranges, deserts, rivers, even the Dead Sea of China. I was amazed by the scenic beauty of Lake Tianchi-subhanallah!

    As we travelled along the Karakoram Highway I remembered the geography lesson I had decades ago now unfolding before my very eyes. I had wild imaginations of camels walking by with their loads of merchandise. How hard it must be then without modern amenities such as the highway and planes!

    We visited the historic mosques-Idkah and Aba Khoja in Kashgar and Emin minaret and mosque in Turpan. At the Uiyghur village of Toyug there was a Chinese version of Ashabul Kahfi. Kashgar has many interesting bazaars and handicraft street. Turpan is an interesting place where grapes are seen dangling at almost every house,but what a pity. We regret not being able to taste them as they were not ripe then.

    Prior to that we visited Linxia, which is the Mecca of China. At the Yaseen Kindergarten little kids from aged 4-6 are able to memorise surah Ar Rahman and Yasin which I find very impressive and amazing and put many adults to shame. At that moment I pledge that I'll memorise the former when I return home. At the Literacy Centre for woman and children in Lanzhou I was similarly impressed when illiterate women send there were able to read poetry and recite the Quran!

    As far as I know no Muslim travel agent in Singapore organised such a tour. I highly recommend anyone to follow Sister Mariah on such a tour as it provides not only a sightseeing tour but we also gain spiritual enrichment. We can also support the charity work that she is doing there. I look forward to another Silaturrahim tour with her, maybe in other Muslim countries such as Central Asia.

    Thanks for your wonderful trip. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously though I feel worn out by the trip. Xinjiang has almost everything, natural wonders, Islamic history, ancient history, interesting bazaars, it's a holiday like no other especially if we combine it with the Gansu trip. This trip is going to be a very memorable trip throughout our life.

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    Salam from Kak su

    Salmah Harun