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We are a Muslim NGO-Charity Organization established in 2006 with the objective of helping poor Muslims in China and in Ningxia Province specifically, to alleviate their economic and educational problems. This is the second Muslim NGO in China that we have set up, the first one is ZhangJia Chuan Charity registered in 2002 in Zhangjia Chuan County, Gansu Province.

XIJI CHARITY set up the first government registered Muslim orphanage in 22006 ( in borrowed premises) in China's poorest region known as XIHAIGU. This region has more than 700,000 Muslims half of whom are living below subsistence level.It has also been designated as one of the world’s poorest regions by UNESCO. Since its inception in November 2006, the orphanage has an enrollment of 34 boys and 21 girls ranging from 8 to 14 years old, all without parents. Xiji County has more than 500 Muslim orphans but because of premise constraint and funds we were only able to take in 55 orphans and employ 5 paid staff.(Warden,Cook,Cleaning cum laundry lady, Islamic Knowledge Teacher and English cum general teacher to coach the children, each staff is paid a meager wage of £50 per month)

In 2011 a new Orphanage and a Muslim kindergarten was built with the co operation of the Xiji Government and the Dubai Royal family.Alhamdulillah, our Muslim orphans now have better facilities.

Xiji Charity also supports an orphanage in Linxia which has 90 orphans and a Literacy center in Lanzhou with 40orphans.

In 2012 we gave out annual bursaries to 200 students from poor farming families, giving them an opportunity towards a tertiary education in universities. InshaAllah they will graduate and be gainfully employed so that they will help break the poverty circle.Each student could only be given 2000--3000yuan,rmb. as our resources are stretched.

We distribute clothes to needy students, bursaries to secondary school students and food supplies to families who are living at below subsistence level. We also started to run 3 Arabic language classes, each class consisting of 50 students at the XIJI VOCATIONAL COLLEGE. InshaAllah, this effort will be an avenue enabling our Muslim students to graduate as skilled workers with Arabic language facility.

We help rebuild old dilapidated masjids which are at risk of collapse. In June 2009 we completed the YuQiao Masjid. To date 2012 we have built and repaired 9 masjids. We have built with the co operation of Xiji Govt and the Dubai Royal family two big reservoirs in Zhang Jia chuan , supplying water to more than 500 households. We also carry our water projects in Yunnan.

We have setup 2 Muslim kindergartens in Shangrila county of Yunnan. We help to subsidize the meager wages of 25 madrasah teachers at 500 rmb per teacher.

We carry out Qurbani anually and Aqiqah throughout the year, distributing the meat to poor deserving families. Zakat and sedakah is given out to the 8 designated categories (Asnaf).

As Xiji County is very dry and arid with only 380mm rainfall throughout the year, we hope to raise enough funds to provide water supply to many Muslim villages located in mountainous areas.

We pray that our Muslims brothers and sisters will assist our Xiji Charity Organization to carry out our duty to the community. We assure you that receipts will be sent to acknowledge every donation given. You are most welcome to visit our projects and see the work carried out by volunteers for our Muslim charity in China. May ALLAH (Subhanawataallah) reward you for your good deeds.

For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Xiji Charity Committee Members

Honarary Advisor: Jaafar Mah(Spore)
Tel:65 96308540

Honorary Chairman: Mariah Mah(Spore)

Council Chairman: Salleh La Yin Fu (Director of Projects Min. of Education in Xiji)
Tel: 86-13995044566

Secretary General: Musa Ma Xue Liang (Director of Medical Insurance Xiji)
Tel: 86-18995403458

Madam Tian Jun Xiu (Vice Governor of Xiji)
Abu Bakar Ma chi de (President of Xiji Islam Asocc)
Ma Zhen Hua( Asst .Director of Education)
Yang Pei( (Education Officer-Min. of Education)
Madam Ma Zhen Hua(Accountant -Civil Service Xiji)

Address: 92 Government Street, Xiji County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China (中国 - 宁夏回族自治区西吉县政府街92号)
Postcode: 756200
Tel: 6-1389504345886-954-3012528
Fax: 86-954-3012457
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

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