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  • As-Salamu Alaikum Sis Mariah

    Regarding my feed back on the trip. I had a wonderful time from the 1st -last day in each country we visited I was treated kindly with care (from the workers, tour guides,bus drivers hotels staff,etc) Sis Mariah your services was greatly appreciated, most of all when I was left behind in Singapore for my passport problem you gave me a wonderful person (Kadija) to accompany me to make me fill like I am home ,it was delightful experiences .It seems to that the services provided for the money I paid is great .Sis Mariah I can't wait to visit with you in the future ( insha Allah). Good luck.


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  • Assm Mariah

    That was a nice video. great job whoever did it. anyway i spoke to a few friends of mine abt your charity here and tho they are non-muslims they are interested to contribute. So you might get an e-mail from an Alex Chua. The nice thing abt teaching yoga is I've metvery spiritual people who wantto help across race and religion – and i really think the world needs a little tolerance for it to be a happier place.

    if i don'tget to see you soon, may allah grant you the barakah of ramadan & eid and a lasting happiness for all your endeavours. Its take great passion and commitment – that only few are chosen to take on.

    Much love and salam,

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your wonderful touring. I really salute and admire your effort to help the moslem people may "Allah saja dapat memberi taufik dan hidayatnya pada puan Mariah " Ya Allah YA TUHANKU berikan lah puan Mariah tenaga kuat,badan sihat,murah razeki,dipanjangkan umor dan ditetapkan iman, meneruskan sebagai orang yang berjihad dan moslem missionary….well done puan. Please carry on with your good work and I am sure Allah will always be with you.We are here to give you a support and Doa … sekian

    Dari Brunei with Love.
    HM. Salleh

  • ASAK Sister Mariah Mah,

    Alhamdulillah we are back home and Maaz is doing well. He is back at school starting his clinical rotations. Thank you for a wonderful time in China..

    Everything went smoothly and the arrangements were great. Our family had a great time there and especially enjoyed our interaction with our brothers and sisters in China which, I have to admit we never thought of.

    Our visit to the madrsah in Xian was moving and I tell all my friends about it. It is indeed another miracle of the Holy Quran that a young Chinese boy could recite Surah Yaseen so beautifully, without even a trace of an accent..

    I am planning a fund raising dinner at my home within the next couple of weeks Inshallah to raise funds for the wonderful work you are doing. May Allah reward you and your family for your efforts.

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    Chicago USA

  • Salaam

    I wanted to share this with you incase you are ever thinking of going to China, I would highly recommend going with Sr. Maria. I met Sr. Maria last summer when I went on a tour of the far east with Nawawi Foundation. Sr. Maria was the organizer of the tour. I arrived in Singapore a bit before my tour and thought I would have to make my own way to the hotel but to my surprise this wonderful woman was there to get me. She was so generous that she offered to host me at her home

    The generosity I saw at the airport continued for the whole time I was there. Her home was a heaven for people to drop by. She was always there for everyone at the drop of a minute. Her home keeper, Fatima, was treated more like a sister and never like a maid! Her friend’s children were staying with her so they could attend good school in Singapore. I got to read articles about her wonderful work for Chinese Muslims. Sr. Maria was so flexible and was always there to make all of us at home. She mingled with everyone and shared her immense knowledge with us. I would love to go to China with her and would recommend her anytime. Feel free to forward to anyone who might be interested.

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  • Dear Sister Mariah,

    Assalamualikum, I hope you are in good health. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your kind hospitality during 3 week my trip to China in April 2006. I was really touched to see your commitment to eradicating poverty. I think your charity Zhangjia Chuan is doing a great job helping deprived people. The dedication of the charity members was inspiring and I can not thank them enough for their hospitality and willingness to help.

    At first, I was really depressed to see the low standard of living in some of the villages we visited. However, after visiting villages and towns where your charity had intervened by building mosques, schools, medical facilities and giving people access to basic necessities such as water. I realised that there has been a lot of improvement but there is still work to be done. The water project in Gansu is just one example where hundreds of people were helped.

    Your tour did not only help me to understand how the poor in China were living but it also enabled me to visit historic sites such as the oldest Mosque in China, the Terracotta warriors and Stone Forest etc.

    I feel that if I had visited China alone or with another tour company I would not have had the opportunity to visit seven provinces in just four weeks, for which I am extremely grateful. I pray that your charity is able to continue doing the good work that it has been and I hope to see you soon on your next visit to the UK.

    Allah Hafiz,
    Bushra x
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    Stevenage, Harts.United Kingdom.


    Hello Mariah,

    It's Shareef here from the UK, my family and I recently went on the China tour with you. We would like to say a big thank you and Jazakallah for all your help and generosity during our trip. We had a lovely time in China- it's a great place. The tour was very enjoyable, meaningful and memorable, and we are very grateful.

    I've also had a look at your website and it is very interesting. I will recommend you to my friends and family. Once again thank you very much for your efforts and kindness, keep in touch and Inshallah we'll meet again.

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  • Dear Mariah,

    Walaikum salam. Alhamdulilah, we returned safely to a very wet Singapore on 19 Dec 06.

    We were blessed with splendid weather all through the China trip, with only a slight drizzle on our last couple of days there. The sun was shining brightly on most afternoons and reduced the severity of the winter cold.

    The first 3 local guides assigned to us (Katijah in Kunming, Jack in Lijiang and Hassan in Shangrila) were friendly, sincere and concerned and knew their jobs well. Even though Jack fumbled in the beginning, not knowing we were Muslims, he redeemed himself well by finding us a nice Muslim restaurant, and took us to the Lijiang mosque for a visit. The iman/caretaker proudly showed us his personal transcription of the Quran. We were very impressed with his calligraphy!

    We were also especially impressed with the driver from Lijiang, Mr Yi. He was professional, patient and knowledgeable, and we felt safe travelling through the mountain roads in his van. We also felt that the 3 guides did their utmost to make us feel comfortable and happy.

    I was touched by the simple lives of the villagers in Shangrila. It is indeed a lovely picture of tranquility and freshness. I couldn't help comparing the difference in attitudes between the Shangrila folks and the citydwellers in Kunming.

    Shangrila filled me with peace and calm even though the nights were freezing cold! And we were totally thrilled that we were able to pick crunchy and tasty apples off the roadside trees – something we'll never be able to do in the city!

    I regretted not bringing my daughters' old children books for the kids in the village schools. Please let me know if you will be doing any old books/clothes collection. It was a pity that we couldn't enter the 2 mosques in the villages, and I wondered how come I never heard the Azan at all throughout the 2 days' stay at the farmhouse. I should also have had the foresight to bring my own towels – I had to make do with wet wipes!

    I was also glad to have met Mariam (Zheng Lixiang) in Shangrila Town. She's such a pleasant and warm lady and I was touched by the closeness of the small Muslim community in Shangrila Town.

    Thank you, Mariah, for the efficient arrangements! This trip has certainly been different from all other holidays we've had. I had a great time, and and returned with many lovely memories, as well as an insight into the lives of fellow Muslims in China. Thank you!

    By the way, I took some pictures of the kids, as requested by you. The young ones are so adorably sweet. The photo files are saved in my husband's laptop and I'll email them to you ASAP. I'll also need to pass the children's progress reports to you. I am very sorry that I only brought 2 of the 4 Qurans to Shangrila, as I had left the other 2 books at home in my hurry to get to the airport. I will need to return the 2 books to you. My husband and I will like to know more about the sponsoring of these kids too.

    Salam and thank you again.

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    Sharon Fan

  • Assalamoualikum

    Dear Sister Mariah.

    I would like to thank you for your kind assistance with regards to my teaching experience in Zhaotong, China, where you arranged for me to teach English at a Mosque and arranged for me to meet some fellow Muslim sisters and brothers.

    It was a rewarding experience to teach English in the Mosque and to help out at the Kindergarten. The children were delightful and a pleasure to teach.

    I would also like to thank you for introducing me to Mr and Mrs Lee. They were so kind and hospitable and made me feel like part of their family.

    I miss all the sisters, brothers and children that I met in Zhaotong. They were warm and wonderful people. Thanks to your help I had an amazing and unforgettable experience.

    Once again, I thank you for your help.

    Best wishes

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    Rabecca Gooljar London UK

  • Sister Mariah , Assalamualikum

    Me and my family are very pleased and happy for your organized tour of China. We have learnt a lot, both about history of China, and about Islam in China. We have enjoyed the stay in all cities we visited and all functions we attended, particularly the visit to the madarasah in Xian.

    We greatly appreciate your charity work and your concern for the well-being of all tour members. You were very helpful and understanding to the needs of all members of the tour. As they say ”Learn knowledge even if you have to go as far as China” and we have been very fortunate to be among the lucky few who have traveled to China and expanded their horizon even further.

    I, myself, thank you on behalf of my family for the wonderfully organized tour and for the fabulous time we have spent in China.

    Thank you once againand may Allah bless you and reward YOU FOR YOUR DEDICATION AND HARD WORK. Ameen!!

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    Dr. Atif Khan, Tabinda Khan, TabanKhan, Mahrukh Khan New Jersey, USA